GetCoro collaborates with Kepler Safe to deliver cybersecurity services to government clients

The government and non-governmental businesses (NGO) zone are witnessing a huge upward thrust in cyberattacks. Despite adopting the advanced cyber protection era, those sectors have encountered the 1/3-highest fact breach fees in comparison to other industries. GetCoro offers an efficient option to shield your business against cyber threats. Whether it's protecting endpoints, and email accounts, or securing access to networks and cloud programs, GetCoro offers powerful safety without straining your IT sources or finances.

The interface is extremely user-friendly and highly customizable, with excellent customer support

GetCoro's e-mail and phishing prevention tool sticks out for its effectiveness. Seamlessly integrating with Office 365, it very well scrutinizes incoming emails for spam or phishing attempts. Opting for the top rate bundle grants access to comprehensive tracking through Coro's safety specialists, available spherical-the-clock. This tool no longer blocks specific domain names or senders however can also limit the right of entry from areas in which malicious sports are popular. It can even restrict email traffic totally to certain countries, significantly diminishing the hazard of phishing tries using hackers. The interface is person-pleasant, imparting high stages of customization, and the customer support provided by using GetCoro is exemplary.

Users Protection

Cloud Apps Protection

Email Protection

Devices Protection

Data Protection

GetCoro checks all the business-critical security boxes for you. This is what we mean by holistic:

  • Cloud Apps
  • Malware & Ransomware
  • Phishing
  • Hacking & Access Control
  • Insider Threats
  • Data Loss & Governance

Very easy-to-use interface. Very customizable. Customer support is awesome.

The GetCoro email and phishing prevention tool is fantastic. It fully integrates with Office 365 to analyze incoming emails for spam or phishing attempts. We pay for the premium package, which gives us full monitoring from Coro's security experts. We have access to their support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their tool has the ability not only to block certain domains or senders, but it can block out specific regions of the globe where bad actors typically do their dirty work. We even have it locked down to only allow email traffic from certain countries. It has dramatically reduced our incoming phishing attempts by hackers. Very easy-to-use interface. Very customizable. Customer support is awesome.

Safeguard your most critical data

Protect PII, PHI, and PCI for patients and members

GetCoro is the central hub for managing sensitive data, data usage, and user interactions, enabling you to optimize security, compliance, and governance initiatives

  • Guaranteed PCI compliance
  • Stop sharing or accessing unauthorized data
  • Just know what legal requirements have been violated

Prevent the accumulation of ransomware and malware

Detects possible malware and ransomware activities

Utilize GetCoro's preset templates for swift implementation of file policies and identification of unusual file extensions.

Automatically identify and confine malicious software

Through its AI-driven methodology, GetCoro discerns between actions initiated by humans and those generated by bots. It identifies potential threats and takes immediate action by suspending suspicious users and halting any further tampering with files.

Stop unauthorized sharing of data

Control sharing permissions at the file, folder, and user levels

GetCoro maintains secure collaboration by enforcing rules that dictate precise permissions for files, folders, and users, including the creation of whitelists for external collaborators.

Automatically stop unauthorized sharing from occurring

To safeguard data and files, GetCoro automatically restricts the extent of sharing permissions and invalidates shared links as necessary.

Identify and stop unauthorized activities associated with accounts

Automatically identify behaviors that appear suspicious

GetCoro employs behavior patterns to autonomously identify signs of compromised accounts or instances where insiders or privileged users exhibit threatening behavior.

Instantly prevent phishing scams, ransomware, and malware attacks

Our continuous monitoring guarantees swift detection and prevention of suspicious email activity, with instant blocking and prompt user notifications.

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