Cyberdefense strategies for the automotive sector

GetCoro provides comprehensive support for businesses within the automotive industry, requirements and fortifying defenses against various email, device, cloud application, data, and user-related threats.

Personalized Work

Tailor the platform and its automated processes to align with your company's specific requirements and established policies.

27/7 Continuous monitoring

With GetCoro, your systems are under constant surveillance every day of the year, promptly identifying and addressing any potential threats.

Securing Endpoint

The platform conducts continual scans for malware across all your devices, cloud applications, and email accounts, swiftly initiating remedial actions when necessary.

Safeguarding Data governance

It automatically examines files and emails on all devices to detect regulatory data like Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Payment Card Industry (PCI), or Protected Health Information (PHI), promptly alerting you to any potential breaches.

Implementing restricted access protection

By recognizing unusual login activities and thwarting hacking attempts automatically, GetCoro safeguards against both external malicious actors and internal threats.

Automated processes for reducing:

Any identified threats are promptly isolated and reported to you, affording you the opportunity for manual investigation if desired.

Safeguard your highly confidential information

GetCoro serves as the central hub for managing sensitive data and user activity, empowering you to uphold various security, regulatory, and organizational protocols effectively.

  • Ensure adherence to compliance standards.
  • Prevent unauthorized sharing or access to data.
  • Automatically flag regulatory breaches.

Detects possible ransomware and malware threats

Employing AI-driven methods, GetCoro accurately distinguishes between human and bot-generated actions, allowing for the detection and mitigation of potential threats such as attacks or data corruption. Suspicious users can be promptly suspended to halt further file compromise.

  • Instantly block phishing attempts, ransomware, and malware.
  • Automatically identify and thwart suspicious email activities.

Stop sharing data without authorization

Implement granular control over file, folder, and user sharing through collaboration rules, which allocate specific permissions and maintain whitelists of external collaborators.

  • Automatically restrict sharing permissions and revoke shared links to safeguard data integrity.
  • Stay informed about unauthorized account activities, including compromised accounts or insider threats posing as privileged users.

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