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GetCoro Mission

Ensuring the resilience of millions of budding businesses' economic backbone against cyber threats is important. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), crucial to global economies, often lack the means to effectively counter cyberattacks. It's imperative to raise awareness, offer customized cybersecurity solutions, promote collaboration, and establish supportive policies. By equipping SMEs with knowledge and resources, we fortify the bedrock of economies and shield against the pervasive menace of cybercrime. SMEs, integral elements of global economic frameworks, necessitate tailored assistance to navigate the intricacies of cybersecurity. Together, through collective efforts and shared expertise, we can mitigate risks and secure sustainable growth in an increasingly digitized era.

The Power of Non-Disruptive Security

GetCoro was founded upon the principle of seamless security: comprehensive protection, effortlessly implemented, and unbeatably affordable.

GetCoro focuses solely on identifying issues that demand human intervention. Essentially, GetCoro functions as a security productivity tool - it's simple to set up and manage, allowing IT teams to swiftly determine the critical aspects of your business's security posture.

Holistic Security Protection Redefined

We've developed our technology to provide the critical and extensive protection demanded by today's businesses. At its heart lies a single powerful engine, driven by artificial intelligence (AI), designed to autonomously detect and address the majority of known cyber threats and vulnerabilities across all endpoints, users, data, and cloud applications.

This engine is so intelligent that it continually learns from the unintentional mistakes individuals make in their pursuit of excellence and innovation, as well as from deliberate attacks by disgruntled employees or cunning hackers who view growing businesses as easy targets.

Unrivaled Ease of Use

GetCoro was designed to address and resolve the numerous security vulnerabilities that modern distributed businesses encounter, all without burdening your IT teams with worries, investigations, or manual fixes.

By automating remediation, GetCoro eliminates the constant barrage of false alerts, middle-of-the-night emergencies, and wasted hours spent tracing compromised files, infected systems, or endpoint devices. For those rare instances where human intervention is still necessary, we've simplified the process - most critical issues on the GetCoro platform can be resolved with just a click.

GetCoro simplifies cybersecurity, allowing your administrators to oversee your company's security without disrupting operations, hindering user productivity, or draining valuable IT resources.

Unmatched Affordability

We also aimed to surpass the benchmark for affordability because resilience is unattainable if the solution is beyond reach. Our all-in-one engine is crafted to not only be exceptionally intelligent but also incredibly agile, allowing us to offer budget-friendly pricing plans.

Finally, a Different Approach to Security

GetCoro reduces IT team overhead and minimizes disruptions to your company's operations through advanced automation, leveraging advanced technology.

Our strategy diverges from the traditional profit-driven complexity in the industry's security approach. Instead, we prioritize intelligent automation to empower IT teams in enhancing business functionalities. This commitment drives GetCoro's continuous investment in cutting-edge technology, ensuring proactive defense against threats and safeguarding your company from human errors and internal risks.

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