Streamlined cybersecurity measures tailored for educational institutions

GetCoro's AI-powered cybersecurity solution caters to students, educators, and IT personnel, simplifying the task of safeguarding your institution.

As cyber threats targeting educational institutions increase, the solution isn't always about hiring more staff or increasing efforts. Educational establishments need cybersecurity measures that streamline operations for everyone involved while enhancing safety. The Coro platform shields all digital realms where faculty, staff, and students engage, providing comprehensive protection for cloud applications, data, endpoints, email, and user activities.


How we do it

Our user-friendly platform can be quickly installed and is capable of safeguarding your entire organization. Coro integrates the flexibility of an API-driven system with the meticulousness and innovation of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Personalized Work

Tailor the platform and its automation to suit your specific business requirements and policies.

27/7 Continuous monitoring

GetCoro remains vigilant over your environments every second of the day, every day of the year, swiftly identifying and addressing threats as they arise.

Securing Endpoint

It conducts continuous scans for malware across all your devices, including endpoints, cloud applications, and email accounts, promptly remedying any issues detected.

Safeguarding Data governance

The system automatically examines files and emails on all devices for regulatory data like PII, PCI, and PHI information, promptly flagging and notifying about potential breaches.

Implementing restricted access protection

It guards against both external threats and internal risks by detecting unusual login activities, automatically thwarting hacking attempts, and employing other protective measures.

Automated processes for reducing

In the event of a threat, Getcoro promptly isolates and quarantines it, while also providing you with the necessary information for manual investigation, if desired.

The current status of the sector

Cyberattacks target educational institutions:

Schools and universities are being increasingly targeted by cyberattacks. Discover the various threats confronting educational institutions and ways to safeguard against them with GetCoro Cybersecurity.

A growing list of schools being hacked

Hackers are increasingly focusing on schools, colleges, and universities for cyberattacks. GetCoro provides security solutions specifically designed to protect educational institutions.

Here’s why schools are lucrative targets for cybercriminals

Schools are under threat from cybercriminals. Understand the reasons behind the vulnerability of schools to hacking and discover essential tips for ensuring safety in this informative blog post.

Safeguard your highly confidential information

GetCoro serves as the primary hub for overseeing sensitive information and user interactions, empowering you to uphold various security, regulatory, and corporate protocols effectively.

  • Guarantee adherence to regulations
  • Halt unauthorized data dissemination or entry
  • Detects regulatory breaches automatically

Detects possible ransomware and malware threats

GetCoro utilizes AI technology to differentiate between actions initiated by humans and those generated by bots automatically. This capability enables the detection and mitigation of potential attacks by suspending suspicious

  • users and preventing further tampering with files
  • Instantly thwart phishing scams, ransomware, and malware
  • Automatically identify and block suspicious email activity

Stop sharing data without authorization

Control sharing on various levels, including files, folders, and users, through collaboration regulations that allocate precise authorizations, such as whitelisting external collaborators.

  • Automatically restrict sharing privileges and retract shared links to safeguard data and documents.
  • Identify unauthorized account actions: Be informed of potential compromises or threats posed by insiders or privileged users.

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