Protecting Email and Users

Safeguarding Emails from Threats

Scan e-mail attachments for malware and ransomware, detect and save your fraudulent phishing attempts, check allow/block lists of sender domain names, and get help from our Security Operations Center (SOC) to enhance email security.

Security Measures to Protect Email

GetCoro performs comprehensive analyses of emails to identify phishing, malware, and ransomware threats, and immediately addresses any recognized risks. This significantly reduces the workload of your IT security specialists in coping with email safety.

Analyzing for Malware Threats

Identify and remove emails with suspicious attachments that could be hiding malware or ransomware.

Protection by Email Phishing

Analyze and filter emails that contain suspected malware or ransomware attachments.

Allow/Block Lists

Prevent impersonating domains, spoofing, fraud and phishing attacks to prevent security threats.

Management of user data

Monitor sender domains and lists to control the flow of email into your organization’s inbox.

Protected Communications

Protect outgoing emails with encryption, to ensure that only authorized clients can decrypt and access them.

Email Inbox Entry

Monitor incoming emails and eliminate potential threats, so that only secure and reliable emails can be delivered to recipients.

Email Safeguarding Under Expert Management

Strengthen your safety features by integrating our Email Security solution with the proficiency of specialized safety specialists.

Email Security, Managed For You

Email serves as a primary goal for cyber attacks inside agencies. Keeping up with the evolving threats can be daunting, mainly while internal assets are restrained.

This is where GetCoro's controlled email safety proves useful.

We offer to beautify your email defenses by amalgamating the GetCoro platform with the competencies of our devoted protection specialists from the Security Operations Center (SOC). Our adept crew could be at your disposal to supervise and control your email security.

GetCoro's experts hastily and as it should respond to threats, making sure the protection of your community and vital cloud infrastructure. Our dedication lies in turning in high-quality carriers and addressing any springing up troubles comprehensively and directly.

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